trust and betrayal

infidelity in intimate relationships; what are the facts?


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Infidelity: tips about how to innoculate your relationship

If your relationship has ever suffered the trauma of infidelity, you will be painfully aware of the damage it can cause, and how difficult it can be for relationships to recover. Dr Shirley Glass offers these facts about infidelity and love, and tips about how to innoculate your relationship against infidelity, as well as how to heal.

Seven Facts You Need to Know About Infidelity

  1. A happy marriage is not a vaccine against infidelity.

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Dealing with trust issues in your relationship

Have you ever wondered if you have 'trust issues'? If your history of failed relationships with people who have cheated on you - or betrayed your trust in other ways - has left you with a tendency to be suspicious of things your partner does, that otherwise you may have interpreted in a different way? Or perhaps you have the opposite issue - a history of experiencing yourself as untrustworthy - perhaps being in relationships where you find it difficult to express feelings of frustration, boredom or worse.

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