Review - "Renovate Your Relationship: A Manual for Men"

"Renovate Your Relationship" is an easy-to-read, accessible guide for men about how to navigate their way through what can be the very confusing territory of intimate relationships. It uses a 'toolkit' format to give clear intructions about the things to think about, how to do them, what to avoid, and where you may need to get extra help from a counsellor or other professional person.

Produced by Relationships Australia and Mensline, this is a great resource which could well be a 'must read' for any man wanting to make his most important relationship the best it can be.

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Men and healthy relationships

Most of us look forward to the Xmas Holidays - happy times with family and friends, an opportunity to relax. Where relationships have been affected by grief or trauma, though, Xmas can be a painful reminder of what we no longer have. Some people choose to isolate themselves over the holiday period, in the mistaken belief that in doing so they may avoid opening themselves to further suffering. Others may choose to spend time with friends and family as though nothing has happened, only to find themselves overwhelmed with unexpected and difficult feelings.

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