investing in your relationship

Relationships as a renovation project

It's really important to make sure that we keep on top of maintaining our homes - make repairs where necessary, and renovate from time to time. Men in particular are very good at house renovation - not just doing a repaint, but making sure the underlying structure is solid and strong. The same principle needs to be applied to relationships. Often when a relationship ends, it can feel like the 'relationship house' has suddenly collapsed. Most often, though, there were many early warning signs that cracks were starting to appear.

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Getting help early - why having counselling early in your relationship might be the best investment you can make in your future

How do you think about investments? About ensuring a secure and enjoyable future for yourself, for your partner and for your family? Most of us think about this in a financial context - saving money for retirement, investing in property or building a share portfolio. It's important though, to think about how we invest our time and energy, as well as our money. I am always impressed with those couples who have the foresight to come to relationship counselling in the spirit of investment - in their relationship, in the quality of their future together.

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