internal relationships

The children come first:- parenting the 'inner child' in intimate relationships

These days, as parents of young children, we emphasise the importance of putting the children first - their needs take priority. And rightly so! Children are not able to care for themselves; we need to attend to their needs and in doing so, teach them that it's OK to have their needs met - physically, emotionally and developmentally.

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Is there a war zone inside your own head? Creating healthy relationships between the different 'voices' within

It's not always obvious, but have you ever been able to distinguish between the different 'voices' that may speak from within you? Let's say you're in a new relationship - there may be the hopeful, confident part that says "This is great - I'm going for it!" There may be another cautious part that's been hurt before, saying "Hmmm looks OK at the moment...but I'm not at all sure s/he's really going to treat me well. Better back off - better safe than sorry!" The cautious part may not trust the hopeful part to have the sense to take it slow.

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