Illness and intimacy: sexual challenges for couples

Most of us know that it requires work to keep the passion alive in our relationships over the long haul, after the 'honeymoon period' is over. We know that it's important to nurture intimacy in the broader sense - making sure we are spending quality time together, remaining interested and curious about each other's interests and concerns, cultivating an attitude of playfulness and exploration as we continue to deepen our knowledge of what delights and fulfills our partner sexually. 

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Families, chronic illness and disability

This is Carers Week - spare a thought for those thousands of unsung heroes in our society who provide practical and emotional support to loved ones who have a chronic illness or disability. They might be caring for a parent who is frail and aged, or for a child with an intellectual disability. It takes a community to support these families, as well as professional services and resources.

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