What does our loved one's behaviour tell us about what they need?

Although we may struggle at times when our child is behaving in a way we experience as difficult, more often than not we are able to understand that behaviour as a way our child is communicating to us about their experience, and what they need. For example - my little one is screaming and waving his arms and legs about. I realise he is hungry, and so rather than punishing his behaviour, I make him something to eat. I may also use this as an opportunity to teach my child about the connection between what he is doing and how he is feeling, so I may say "You're so hungry right now!

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How do I help my child with her eating disorder?

Discovering that your child has an eating disorder can be an extremely confusing, frustrating and painful experience. It is an extremely difficult role for parents to play as they feel they need to maintain a strong demeanour in order to provide the support and love necessary in caring for a child with an eating disorder.  Parents often feel distraught, helpless, guilty, defeated, confused and exhausted.

The following list provides recommendations to help parents manage their child’s eating disorder in a way which  promotes their recovery.


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How do I talk to my kids about my/my partner's depression?

This article, By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S. was first published at Psych Central http://psychcentral.com


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What stage of the family/relationship life cycle are you in?

Couples and families move through a number of stages through life - this has been referred to by family therapists Monica McGoldrick and Betty Carter as the family life cycle. A young couple with no children are dealing with different issues and concerns than a couple with young children. Parents with teenagers, who may also be caring for aging parents, have different stressors than the couple facing retirement, who perhaps are wondering how to rediscover who they are - both individually and as a couple - away from the distractions of children and work.

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Families, chronic illness and disability

This is Carers Week - spare a thought for those thousands of unsung heroes in our society who provide practical and emotional support to loved ones who have a chronic illness or disability. They might be caring for a parent who is frail and aged, or for a child with an intellectual disability. It takes a community to support these families, as well as professional services and resources.

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Finding Solutions Together

Often when families and couples come to counselling, they have become very focussed on the problems they are having. They've almost completely lost sight of the things they are doing well, and of what's happening when the problems aren't around. They've certainly forgot to acknowledge and notice the strengths and resources they have separately and together, that have got them through tough times before.

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