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Book review: The longest journey: finding the true self. Amanda Stuart, 2012

The longest journey: finding the true self

Stuart, Amanda. (2012)


This is not a self-help book in the usual sense. This is a therapy book for lay people who want to understand some

of the 'whys' of life and relationships and then make some substantive changes. It is accessible and friendly. Like

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'Conditions of love: the philosophy of intimacy'. A book review.






 A review of John Armstrong 's book 'Conditions of love: the philosophy of intimacy.(2003) Penguin Books. Reprinted from the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors' newsletter February 2012. Written by Helena Phillips.


What is it to love another person? Armstrong begins his text with this question. The romantic vision of love

includes “longing, rapture; and the sense that one is in touch with the source of all rapture”. In the opening

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