anger management

How do you manage anger in your relationship?

Most people would agree that anger is an important emotion - we need it! It tells us when something is wrong, where there is an issue to be addressed. Of course, it's vital that the way we express our anger is respectful, and that we do not behave in a way that makes the other person feel frightened or intimidated.

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"If it ain't broke don't fix it!" Are risk-minimizing strategies creating more pain than gain in your relationship?

Many of us have been there - had our hearts broken by people who were careless with our most tender and vulnerable feelings. We emerged from the experience vowing  to learn from it - "Never again, I'll make sure I don't .... (place here your most embarrassing memory of saying or doing something that was received with scorn, contempt or rejection)"

The problem is, your current partner may have an issue with the fact you don't:-

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How is anger expressed and managed in your relationship?

Anger's a normal, healthy emotion. But as many of us who've been at the receiving end of someone else's angry outburst can attest, the way it's expressed can be damaging, even abusive or violent at the extreme. It can be very hard to realize that when I express my anger about the way I feel I'm being treated by my partner, this may cause her/him to feel scared of me and what I might do. It can be even harder to let myself know about how terrifying my anger may appear to my children, even when I'm not getting angry at them.

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