Intimate Relationships


Finding a spark when the fire has gone out.

Are you standing in the cold over a dwindling fire because you can’t agree on the firewood? In other words, are you fighting without ever getting to a resolution? Has unresolved trauma, grief or loss caused you to drift apart? You could be finding it hard to communicate, resolve differences, agree on important decisions, or you can’t figure out how to parent together.

Relationship counselling may be helpful for you.

Firstly, you need a safe and confidential place to talk things through; a space away from normal life that is free of judgment or expectations. It is then that counselling can help you learn new ways of relating and, just maybe, rekindle some of the magic from your early days.

Close to breaking point.

Counselling can reduce the distress - whatever the outcome. Sometimes there seems little chance for you to stay together. Counselling can help. Talking things through can help clarify what is right for you. If you do decide to separate, it can be done agreeably.

When there are children involved, counselling can help you plan ways to parent cooperatively after you separate.

Some ideas to get you started...

* ideas from the experts about what relationship counselling is, how to prepare and make the most of sessions

* Learn about the cycles of disconnection you may experience when things are feeling very wrong in your relationship, and how counselling can help.

Tuning Relationships with Music® for intimate relationships

Tuning Relationships with Music® is an evidence-based therapy for parent-child and adult intimate relationships where people are living with the aftermath of abuse or neglect, and are struggling with conflict in their relationship (see for more detail). This is particularly suitable for adult relationships where there is a history of trauma, which may have affected your ability to feel safe with one another.



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