Children and families



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Is there a deep divide between you and your kids, parents, in-laws?

Do you find it hard to communicate and resolve disagreements amicably?

Has trauma or grief in the family changed how you relate?

Scores of families have one thing in common: there are many different views to the same problem. In counselling everyone gets to have their say – no matter how young or how old. All members of the family group have a chance to talk, listen and negotiate solutions. If you have experienced trauma and it is affecting family relationships, counselling helps find a path towards the ones you love.

Children and young people

Is your child or young person stuggling as the result of grief or trauma, or in response to difficulties you are having as a family? 

Has their behaviour changed? Are they struggling with school or social situations? Are they having trouble coping with strong emotions?

Counselling and music therapy can help children and young people work through their issues both by giving them a space that is just for them, combined with working with you as their parents and/or other caregivers to understand and develop new ways of how best to support your child. 

Parenting and Families

Parenting is a challenge at the best of times! When you as a parent are going through your own grief or trauma this may affect your ability to parent as you would like to. 

Counselling can support you as a parent, and equip you with new strategies and perspectives that will enhance your child's wellbeing and development.

Tuning Relationships with Music® is an approach Vivienne has developed to work with parents and young people together. This can be a powerful but gentle way to help you connect to your child's  feelings and experiences. gives more detailed information.




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