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Surviving the Holidays as a separated or divorced parent


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infidelity in intimate relationships; what are the facts?


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Should we stay together for the sake of the kids?

Are you in a relationship where the only thing keeping you there is your fear about the impact of separation and divorce on your children? You may be not only concerned about their emotional wellbeing, but your capacity to give them all they need  financially too.

Of course wanting the best for your kids is very important. What's also not only important but achievable is that even if there are very serious problems in your relationship, these can be worked on and improved where both partners are sincerely committed to making the sometimes difficult changes that may be required.

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love and insecurity - what does "I just can't live without you" REALLY do for relationships?

Phrases like "I can't live without you" sound so romantic, doen't they? Popular movies and songs celebrate the early 'falling in love' stage of romantic relationships, the idea that we should be emotionally fused together, even like a single entity, living only for each other, 'happily ever after'.

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How do we resolve differences in sexual desire in intimate relationships?

It's not only extremely common, but also to be expected in healthy relationships, that one person will have a very differentl level of desire for sex than the other, according to Dr David Scharch, one of the foremost experts on sexuality and relationships.

So - what do we do? How do we work on improving our intimate bond together?

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how to get the most out of relationship counselling

Often couples come to counselling with very little idea about what to expect or how to best make use of their time with a relationship counsellor. You may think it is helpful to focus on your partner's bad behaviour, or whatever problem is on your mind at the moment. You may even have no idea where to start.

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When growing up is hard to do - what does this mean for relationships?

Picture this.....They met in their early 20s, he loved his nights out with the boys and weekends surfing; she loved to hang out on the beach with him and go to parties. 10 years later, she wants to start a family; he is reluctant to give up his freedom.

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Finding the middle ground - compromising vs accepting difference in intimate relationships

There's lots of information out there, much of it based on very good research, about the importance of compromise in our most important relationships - having the skills and awareness to find a middle ground, or at least accept differences rather than continue to make them the source of ongoing conflict.

But what about when our point of difference connects deeply to our core values - something we cannot compromise on, even if we wanted to? For example:-

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Conflict in relationships - how to keep the kids in mind?

When you and your partner deal with conflicts between you, what are your ideas about how you should work it through? If you have kids, what beliefs do you have about whether they should be around when you're fighting?

You may think:-

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How true is the saying 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder'?

Q: My boyfriend and I have only been together for about two months but we've spent a lot of time together and things have moved quickly. Needless to say it's been a great start! However he will be away for work for half a year. It seems like an extremely long time and I am worried that the 'passion' we have now will fade over time. People say 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder' so I'm hoping this will only make him miss me more but I don't know. He'll be overseas so we can probably plan 1-2 trips to visit but nothing more than that.


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