What gets 'lost in translation' between you and your partner?

Have you ever wondered what gets 'lost in translation' between you and your partner? Why your attempts to express your love and caring may seem not to be noticed or valued? Why your requests to have your needs met may appear to be falling on deaf ears? We can be very different in what we need to feel loved and appreciated. For some of us, affirming words are what it takes. For others, it may be when our loved one spends time with us - both quality and quantity time! For some, it is when their partner takes the trouble to buy a gift that they feel truly valued. Still others need to experience physical touch, or having something done for them in a thoughtful way, in order to feel special. If you and your partner are not familiar with the other's 'currencies of love' (s/he may have more than one, of course) then both of you may experience frustration, and even start to think that the other one doesn't care. Take the time to ask your partner what her or his 'currencies of love' are, you may be surprised!

For more info about this subject, check out Dr Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages".

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