Tuning Relationships with Music: free counselling for parents and teens

Tuning Relationships with Music is a form of counselling for parents who have a history of abuse or other relationship trauma,  and their teens who want to improve communication and reduce conflict in their relationship. It uses music as a fun and engaging way to focus on the nonverbal parts of how we communicate, as well as the words that we use. Because this is a new method, a research trial will look at developing it further by asking interested parents and teens to participate. The research is for Vivienne Colegrove's PhD and is supervised through the Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental ealth, University of Melbourne. Counselling is completely free of charge, and families will be given a $30 JB HIFI gift voucher to thank them for their involvement. Families will be asked to attend a couple of initial meetings which include completing some research measures (filling out questionnaires and completing a videotaped music session), then 8 sessions of therapy, then a final meeting to complete the research measures again. There is absolutely NO requirement to have any musical skills or training in order to take part (although of course, if you do that's fine as well!). It is hoped that at the end of the therapy you and your teenager will have learned different ways to connect and work through issues. Contact Vivienne at Eltham Relationship Counselling if you would like to know more.

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