Review - "Renovate Your Relationship: A Manual for Men"

"Renovate Your Relationship" is an easy-to-read, accessible guide for men about how to navigate their way through what can be the very confusing territory of intimate relationships. It uses a 'toolkit' format to give clear intructions about the things to think about, how to do them, what to avoid, and where you may need to get extra help from a counsellor or other professional person.

Produced by Relationships Australia and Mensline, this is a great resource which could well be a 'must read' for any man wanting to make his most important relationship the best it can be.

The 'toolkit' includes instructions on how to ensure your relationship is built on the right foundations. These are:-

* trust, respect and equality

* mutual decision-making and shared responsibility

* resolving conflict well

* good communication

* intimacy.

To achieve these, a 'tool box' is supplied, which includes how to do the following:-

* work together

* avoid misunderstandings

* sharpen up your listening

* resolving conflict

* manage anger and frustration

* ensure there is no misuse of power, abuse or violence

* self-maintenance

* renovate your sex life

* love

* value differences

* appreciation

* building and maintaining trust

* being a parent

The booklet is available free online as a PDF document - download it here at

Or you can buy it for a small cost from Relationships Australia - see for more information.

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