Men and healthy relationships

Most of us look forward to the Xmas Holidays - happy times with family and friends, an opportunity to relax. Where relationships have been affected by grief or trauma, though, Xmas can be a painful reminder of what we no longer have. Some people choose to isolate themselves over the holiday period, in the mistaken belief that in doing so they may avoid opening themselves to further suffering. Others may choose to spend time with friends and family as though nothing has happened, only to find themselves overwhelmed with unexpected and difficult feelings. Men may do it particularly tough over this time, especially if they do not have people around them who they feel OK to express their vunerable feelings to, or who they can ask for emotional support.

I am offering a group for men who may be at risk over the Xmas Holiday period - on Saturday, December 18 at Eltham Library from 1.30 - 3.30 p.m., cost $25, or $20 concession. It's not about having to come and spill your guts, just a chance to feel that you're not alone, and to get some tips about how to cope and look after yourself emotionally. It takes a real man to admit he needs support, and to ask for it!

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in coming to the group. Till next time, Vivienne.

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