Let's say NO to violence against women in our community

Today is White Ribbon Day - a day where as a community we say 'Not one more'. Let's not only dare to dream, but work together to actively create a society where we ALL ensure that not one more woman or child is killed or hurt by a violent man. What's particularly exciting and important about the White Ribbon Day initiative is that it asks men to pledge their commitment to eradiating violence against women. How powerful when men speak out and give their support!!!

I feel incredibly fortunate every day to work as a counsellor with men and women who are courageous enough to confront their own attitudes and beliefs that may justify violence, or minimize its impact. These men and women are pioneers and heroes in my opinion - it takes character and hard work to examine outmoded templates that give men power over women and children (and in doing so either obscure or justify the use of violence), and to create new structures that ensure women, children and men can all safely have a voice without fear of violent repercussions. Who knows - when we have reworked our domestic relationship and family structures, perhaps we can start to tackle some of our larger, archaic community structures - organizations, government, the legal system - to ensure all members of society are free from violence - no matter how young or old, and regardless of race, sexual orientation and so on.

Guys - if you haven't already done so, think about becoming a White Ribbon ambassador - give your voice in support of ending violence against women. I think you'll find the rewards from the women in your life are many!

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