Finding Solutions Together

Often when families and couples come to counselling, they have become very focussed on the problems they are having. They've almost completely lost sight of the things they are doing well, and of what's happening when the problems aren't around. They've certainly forgot to acknowledge and notice the strengths and resources they have separately and together, that have got them through tough times before. A solution focussed approach works on the assumption that families already have all the resources they need to solve their problems, and that they perhaps just need some help to find their way back to their own knowledge and skills about what will work for them. Solution-focussed work is central to my approach, it has a strong evidence base and means the counselling process can be fun! It feels energizing and positive to be reminded what we know, what we already do well, and to be able to think about how to apply our existing strengths to the current challenges we face! Check out this awesome video clip to watch a master therapist - Insoo Kim Berg - in action using this approach with a family!

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