Families, chronic illness and disability

This is Carers Week - spare a thought for those thousands of unsung heroes in our society who provide practical and emotional support to loved ones who have a chronic illness or disability. They might be caring for a parent who is frail and aged, or for a child with an intellectual disability. It takes a community to support these families, as well as professional services and resources. I have the utmost admiration for carers - I have met many in my time as a counsellor, and at times have been moved almost to tears by their courage, endurance, but perhaps most of all by their capacity to see the absolute beauty and value of their loved one, in a society that to all practical intents and purposes does not value our most vulnerable. Family carers most often need to be reminded to take care of themselves - if they don't look after themselves and get their own support, how can they take care of others? If you are a carer, or know one, encourage them to reach out for help - Carers Victoria provide a range of services and can refer to many others - http://www.carersvic.org.au/news-events/carers-week

till next time, Vivienne

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