Why noticing nonverbal communication is vital for relationship health

We all know that the words we use are powerful in how they affect others. Even if we sometimes do this poorly, in the heat of the moment, often we at least have an awareness that it wasn't ideal (even if we feel justified in using hurtful words!). However, we often miss completely the powerful affect that our nonverbal communication has on those we love the most - for good and bad. Picture this - your partner gets home and tries to give you a kiss and a cuddle.

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Is your relationship adversarial or collaborative?

Many people have been well educated in the art of debating - the skill of arguing persuasively to convince others that one point of view is the right one, and that the opposing argument is wrong or flawed.

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What do cultural differences mean for your relationship?

It's not unusual these days to choose a partner from a different culture to our own - in fact, it may be part of what draws us to that person. Differences in beliefs, values, ways of thinking about being a partner, a parent, how to live life can be challenging and inspiring, and encourage us to imagine different possibilities and create new synergies. However, cultural differences can bring some unique challenges as well. Often these challenges are not as evident at the beginning of a relationship.

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