Why working on the nonverbal parts of how you communicate may be vital to relationship happiness

Most of us have a fairly good understanding of how important the nonverbal parts of how we communicate are, when we want to know that our partner loves and cares for us. However, we don't often work on this directly, when trying to improve our relationship. We're much more likely to focus on the words we use, or asking our partner to choose their words more carefully, when thinking of better ways to resolve our differences and reach a resolution.

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Getting your sexual intimacy back after having children

There's a general wisdom out there that sex only belongs to the 'honeymoon stage' of a relationship, that after kids she loses desire and he just has to put up with it - the inevitable result of being in a long-term, committed relationship! In fact, a passionate, adventurous and satisfying sex life is not only achievable but really important for couples at any stage of life! There are, however, many things that can get in the way of intimacy, and it is wrong to assume that they will just sort themselves out over time.

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healing your relationship after an affair

If your relationship has ever suffered the trauma of infidelity, you will be painfully aware of the damage it can cause, and how difficult it can be for relationships to recover. Dr Shirley Glass offers these facts about infidelity and love, and tips about how to innoculate your relationship against infidelity, as well as how to heal.

Seven Facts You Need to Know About Infidelity

A happy marriage is not a vaccine against infidelity.

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Coping with the holidays as a separated parent

There's a lot of advice out there for separated and divorced parents, about how to survive the holiday period. The following tips (reprinted from family law website are some tried and true ways to ensure that both you and your children can still enjoy your time together, and - equally importantly -  that you are able to manage your time away from them.

TIP NUMBER 1: Be ‘CHILD-CENTRIC’ at all times.

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