Relationship Breakdown and Post-traumatic Growth


It is perhaps not talked about enough, but many people actually respond to distressing events by experiencing post-traumatic growth - that is, they may become stronger personally. They may say things like "I wouldn't ever have chosen to go through that painful break-up with my partner, but because of it, I have changed in some powerful and profound ways". I think an unfortunate aspect of being human is that we often don't make changes until the level of discomfort and stress in our lives, for whatever reason, compels us to do so!

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Let's say NO to violence against women in our community

Today is White Ribbon Day - a day where as a community we say 'Not one more'. Let's not only dare to dream, but work together to actively create a society where we ALL ensure that not one more woman or child is killed or hurt by a violent man. What's particularly exciting and important about the White Ribbon Day initiative is that it asks men to pledge their commitment to eradiating violence against women. How powerful when men speak out and give their support!!!

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Using music to help parents tune into their kids.

Music is an elegant way of communicating what often cannot be said so well with words. It can also provide a way to focus on the non-verbal elements of the way we relate together. Dr Stine Jacobsen, a music therapist from Denmark, has developed an innovative way of looking at how parents and children interact, using simple musical exercises to see how parents tune into their children's emotions, and how they respond to their children's nonverbal signals.

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Five steps to helping your child develop emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is very important! Research has shown that people who score highly in EQ do better in all areas of life - not just in their relationships and social worlds, but in their careers as well. So what is it? Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own and other people's emotions, to respond to emotions with kindness and compassion, to use this awareness to inform problem solving, and to manage intense emotions well - this may include controlling when and how we express our emotions.

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