Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Relationships

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is perhaps not the first thing we think of, when reflecting on what we need in our intimate relationship. But emotional intelligence has been found to be the most powerful predictor of success and happiness in life. In fact, people who score highly on EQ advance further in their careers, as well as enjoying more connected and meaningful relationships. So what are the skills that make up EQ?

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Finding the love you long for - an attachment perspective

Whether you are single and wishing for an intimate relationship, or you are in a relationship that is not meeting your core needs, the longing for attachment and connection to a special other can be overwhelming and painful. For many, this type of love may feel unattainable. Often there are many practical reasons for this in the here-and-now - a lack of suitable potential partners to choose from, for example.

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Mindsight - the benefits of mindfulness practise for relationships

What is mindsight? In the words of the author, Dr. Daniel Siegel, a renowned psychiatrist and teacher, it is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our minds…without being swept away by them.” Mindsight is essentially Siegel’s term for mindfulness meditation.


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How to re-build trust after an affair

One of the things that commonly brings couples to relationship counselling is the discovery by one that the other has had (or is having) an affair. For the one who has been betrayed, it's like experiencing post-traumatic stress. In shock, unable to think straight, sleep or eat properly. Impossible to let it go, tortured with images of your loved one in the arms of someone else, and filled with suspicion whenever s/he is away from you.

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