The effects of interpersonal trauma on relationships

If you are drawn to reading this article, it may be that you are already aware that trauma you have experienced in the past may be affecting your ability to feel secure and close in your relationships now. Interpersonal trauma is a term used to describe harm done to a person by another person, through abuse, neglect or betrayal.

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Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance your Intimate Relationship

The research is clear - emotional intelligence is more important than anything else, including IQ, in predicting how well we do in life. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is also critically important for the quality of our relationships. Workng on our EQ may be the most important thing we can do to ensure our most important relationships are in good shape. So what is emotional intelligence?

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Getting the 'music' right in our most important relationships

Most of us know the importance of positive communication in relationships. Strategies used include using "I" rather than "you" statements (saying what I feel and think rather than focussing on what is wrong with you), reflective listening (paraphrasing back to my partner what I have heard her/him say, to show that I have listened and taken it in), being interested and curious about what my partner is saying (and showing this through questions such as "can you tell me more about that?") and there are many more of these.

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