When the 'trivial things' really aren't trivial - housework and other catastrophes

The following article is reprinted from Verily magazine, author Zach Brittle.


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Review - "Renovate Your Relationship: A Manual for Men"

"Renovate Your Relationship" is an easy-to-read, accessible guide for men about how to navigate their way through what can be the very confusing territory of intimate relationships. It uses a 'toolkit' format to give clear intructions about the things to think about, how to do them, what to avoid, and where you may need to get extra help from a counsellor or other professional person.

Produced by Relationships Australia and Mensline, this is a great resource which could well be a 'must read' for any man wanting to make his most important relationship the best it can be.

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Looking after kids' wellbeing beyond divorce and re-partnering

Most of us are aware of the importance of looking after our kids' wellbeing as we navigate our way through the difficult terrain of separation, divorce, and starting a new relationship with someone who may also bring children with them from a previous relationship.

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Book Review: Love Sense - Dr Sue Johnson


The power of monogamy: ten surprising claims about the power of love.

This review first appeared at ‘The Globe and Mail’, author Zoe Bielski.

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Why doesn't she just leave - why do we stay in abusive relationships?

Many of us have asked the question - why do I stay in a relationship that feels abusive? Or we may wonder about it from an outside perspective on behalf of someone we care about - why does she stay with him? Why does he keep going back to her, when she treates him so badly?

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