How do I help my child with her eating disorder?

Discovering that your child has an eating disorder can be an extremely confusing, frustrating and painful experience. It is an extremely difficult role for parents to play as they feel they need to maintain a strong demeanour in order to provide the support and love necessary in caring for a child with an eating disorder.  Parents often feel distraught, helpless, guilty, defeated, confused and exhausted.

The following list provides recommendations to help parents manage their child’s eating disorder in a way which  promotes their recovery.


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"Who's in my family?" Coping with blended family dynamics

Who's in my family?

This may seem like a very easy question for families where both parents are together, raising their children under the one roof. For everyone else, though - families headed by a single and/or widowed parent, separated parents, and families where each partner has children from a previous relationship - the answer can be quite complex.

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How do you manage anger in your relationship?

Most people would agree that anger is an important emotion - we need it! It tells us when something is wrong, where there is an issue to be addressed. Of course, it's vital that the way we express our anger is respectful, and that we do not behave in a way that makes the other person feel frightened or intimidated.

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Should I stay or should I leave my partner?

Should I stay or should I leave?

There is no easy answer to this question. In some circumstances, the answer is clear, for example - one person in the relationship is violent or abusive, and is not prepared to take responsiblity for changing their behaviour. If this is the case, you should not remain together.

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How do I talk to my kids about my/my partner's depression?

This article, By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S. was first published at Psych Central


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