Making Couples Happy

What are the secrets to a happy relationship? Great sex? Never arguing? Keeping peace with the in-laws? With one in three Australian marriages ending in divorce, finding the answer is more urgent than ever.

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What's the key to successful long-term relationships?


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Creating an emotionally safe place in family relationships

If you have ever experienced violence in your family, either as a child or as a partner of someone who chooses to use violence to get their needs met, creating emotional as well as physical safety in your family environment will be of the utmost importance.

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What are your templates for relationship?

Like it or not, our families are the first and most powerful shapers of our expectations about how we should relate to one another. We learn from our relationship with each parent, with our siblings and extended family members. We also learn by observing the relationships between our parents, and between others in the family system.

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