How can we inoculate our relationship against stress?

The effects of stress on individuals is well known to many of us - in the short-term, we can feel tired, more irritated and grumpy than usual, perhaps it becomes harder to eat and sleep well. We may become more vulnerable to indulging in activities that ease stress in the short-term but create other problems down the track - eating to excess, drinking alcohol, taking drugs. In the longer-term, prolonged stress can negatively affect our physical, emotional and mental health. We might become run down, our bodies may be less efficient at fighting off illness.

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Sharing power in intimate relationships: the best aphrodisiac!

According to eminent relationship researcher Dr John Gottman, successful relationships rely on each partner allowing the other one to share power, have a voice in decision-making and accept the other's influence. 

What does this mean in practice - in the day-to-day interactions we all have about running the household, thinking about our future, balancing competing demands for time and money?

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Illness and intimacy: sexual challenges for couples

Most of us know that it requires work to keep the passion alive in our relationships over the long haul, after the 'honeymoon period' is over. We know that it's important to nurture intimacy in the broader sense - making sure we are spending quality time together, remaining interested and curious about each other's interests and concerns, cultivating an attitude of playfulness and exploration as we continue to deepen our knowledge of what delights and fulfills our partner sexually. 

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How can I ask my partner to be more emotionally supportive?

Often couples come to counselling because one person feels the other is not supporting them in the way that they need. We may say things like:-

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