"What makes love last?" by John Gottman: a book review

There's a reason why so many fairy tales and romantic comedies end with a first kiss, a proposal or even a wedding. Falling in love is easy -- it's STAYING in love that can be the challenge.

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Dealing with pornography in relationships

Beyond Right and Wrong: An Inquiry into Pornography
Interview with Victoria Doughty

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When anxiety takes over - what does this mean for relationships?

Anxiety affects us all at various times. It may cause us to lose our ability to think clearly, to manage our own strong reactions to other people, and to calm ourselves down. Where anxiety is more than just a temporary response to a stressful situation, and is so intense or prolonged that we are unable to manage it on our own, it may be necessary to seek medical and psychogical help for what may be a mental illness.

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How do I help my kids learn to positively manage their negative emotions?

Helping children learn to manage their emotions isn’t easy, but it pays off, say advocates of “emotion coaching.”

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