How do I overcome obsession during/after a relationship?

Question: I am usually a very laid-back and care free, happy person. This holds true at the beginning of my relationships as well which is why they usually begin with a great start. However the longer I stay in them I begin to obsess over every little thing. I become jealous, I worry, etc. Then if a relationship ends I continue to obsess about their whereabouts and quite frankly I feel psycho! This is has lead to a lot of impulsive behaviour which I regret immediately after. Why can't I feel and act normal/sane?

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How do I stop feelings of unreasonable jealousy & extreme insecurity?

Q: I have always had issues with low self esteem and my last partner of 5 years left me for someone prettier, skinnier, more interesting, etc. which didn't help.

I thought I was over it, but I am now with a man who I love more than anything. He is so supportive of me and gives me no reason to feel this way, but I can't control my feelings of jealousy and depression when an attractive girl comes into his vision.

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Should two people in a relationship live together to “test out” their relationship before becoming engaged or married?

Interestingly, research shows that living together is not really a great indicator of marital success. Whether someone does or doesn't live with their spouse prior to marriage doesn't predicate success or failure.

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