How do you know when what you are experiencing in your relationship is not acceptable?

Q: As a partner how do you know when that line has been crossed ?

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What creates and maintains intimacy in relationships?

What are the things you do, and that your partner does, that nurture intimacy between you?

Many of us may think that intimacy is about having mind-blowing sex at every opportunity. or having romantic interludes away together, or surprising each other with extravagant gifts or romantic gestures.

Of course, these things are wonderful, and when they happen in the context of a relationship where both partners already feel connected and good about how things are going, they may well intensify your sense of pleasure and excitement about being together.

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How do I tell our kids that we're separating because my husband won't seek help for his depression?

The following question and my answer are reprinted from Healthshare - an Australian website that offers Australians access to health expertise by providing a directory of health professionals around the country, and an opportunity to have your questions answered by the 'experts'. To find out more, go to Alternatively, feel free to post your questions directly to me and I will answer via this Blog.

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When the one you love is also the one you fear

Are you with someone who at times can be thoughful, caring, kind - but at other times can be intimidating, threatening, verbally or even physically aggressive? Do any of the following vignettes sound familiar?

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When anxiety or depression are the unwanted 'third party' in your relationship

You reach out to connect to your partner, but she is lost in a world of her own. He's sad, but nothing you do seems to help. No matter how you encourage, nag etc she just can't get motivated or excited about anything. You wish he'd just 'pull themselves up by the bootstraps' and 'get on with it', but he seems incapable of doing this.

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